Water safety & swimming? Yes, please!

Airport Learning Tree holds a unique opportunity for your child.  With the convenience of an onsite pool and a business partnership with DolFUN SWIM Academy, we provide swimming lessons right here at our facility.  As early as 2 1/2, your child can receive a weekly 1/2 hour lesson included with your monthly tuition plan.

DolFUN SWIM combines an aquatic environment that is safe and fun with an experience that offers a holistic approach to being in the water. Having a joyful experience is key, learning to respect the water and gain life-long water safety skills and ultimately learning to swim is their goal.

Swimming fun at Airport Learning Tree

For our families with younger children or for those children wanting extra time in the water, DolFUN Swim Academy offers additional private and group swim lessons at our pool as well.  Visit them at www.dolFUNSWIMacademy.com for more information.