During the holidays, we strive to look for any opportunity possible to praise, celebrate and thank our staff. We had a wonderful Christmas party where we got to get dressed up and let loose a little, enjoyed spoiling each other with Secret Santa gifts, and each opened an Advent gift. Sadly, we had to cancel the Christmas program, which we usually use as a chance to brag about our teachers as you enjoy their hard work to prepare their classes so I would like to do it here.

We will start with “the Debbies” as we like to call them. Not only do these ladies open and close our doors every day, but they provide us all with laughter and support and utilize their many years of experience to provide great care to all of our kids.

In the baby room we have Denae and Courtney. This is our most important class as these infants require the most care which they provide all while making parents feel comfortable and confident with leaving their baby in someone else’s care. Not only do these ladies love your babies, but they provide a calm, positive, and consistent environment.

Speaking of calm of environments, have you seen Jan interacting with the wobbs? The nurturing care as they learn basic signs and songs and start developing their language is just what a wobbler needs.

That toddler room can get a little chaotic and takes a special kind of person to thrive in that environment. We have Reanna with the younger ones, who we really utilize in so many ways including grocery shopping and van runs. She is very creative and playful with her little group. On the other side, we have Abby and Chela who are a little bit crazy (in a good way of course!) They are both so animated in their play with the todds. Abby brings great creativity and drive to provide engaging activities to her kids while Chela can be seen acting at the horse kids are riding or snuggling someone who needs a little extra attention.

Deby is joined by Kierra in preschool who provides care you would expect from a seasoned veteran! She has a great future ahead of her working with kids and we look forward to watching her grow.

Jr. K is now anchored by Hanna, our sweet, loving, hard-working girl who can do it all! You can find her grocery shopping, driving vans, in any classroom and even in the office filing. She was so thrilled to have her own class and we are lucky to have her.

Kindergarten and school-age are loved by McKenzie and Robin. This is a dynamic group as their ages range from four to eleven. Luckily, we have a teacher in McKenzie who is energetic and can play tag or basketball with a group while Robin continues to surprise us with her creativity. This group has a lot of fun!

Jessi provides us great consistency and flexibility in the kitchen and cooks with a lot of love and pride. Keeping our kids fed and happy makes everyone’s job easier.

Although we’ve been missing Shirley recently, she will be back with us soon and we can’t wait. Talk about a jack of all trades, she cleans, drives vans, takes photos, does grocery/supply shopping, and loves all of our kids like they are her own. You can often hear her affectionately being called Grandma.

A couple of our new comers include Deena and Shaila. They both bring littles ones with them to work and we look forward to seeing how they all grow and blend in with our family. They both offer positivity and flexibility and are enjoying getting to know all the kids and teachers.

Shayna and Stacey are substitutes who end up saving us quite a bit. Shayna has been with us for years and can do anything! Stacey can usually be found in preschool and not only makes us laugh, but has built some great relationships with the kids she cares for.

While Joy’s role with us has changed in the past year, she has taken her new role and really excelled. She is another teacher who can go into any classroom as a head teacher or teacher assistant and has a calm consistent demeanor that puts kids at ease.

None of us would have this opportunity if it weren’t for Penny. While she has taken a step back and it isn’t spending as much time in the center, when she’s here she provides positivity and makes herself available to share and guide based on her years of experience.

This group of teachers we have love your kids with all they have and come to work each day ready to provide the best care they can. We can’t thank them enough!