Valentine’s Day is a teacher favorite around the building because a majority of the celebration happens right in our classrooms. We all focus on loving each other and our kids! It is so fun to celebrate love and caring! We encourage teachers to get creative and spend a week or two celebrating Valentine’s Day, and it really is fun to see what types of things they come up with. It can be as simple as getting a box of conversation hearts and sorting them by color or as in depth as pink, purple, and red colored rice for a sensory tub. We would like to pass along some of the activities that we love in hopes that you may be inspired to incorporate them in your own celebrations.

Any age child could create a piece of art or write a letter to mail to a loved one. The process of writing letters or sending mail is not an experience many of our kids have now a days, so it is a great opportunity to teach them. At the center, we will have kids color a picture and participate in preparing the envelope and then all walk over to the mail box together. It is then so exciting to hear reports of who received their mail! We also will create little mail boxes in our classes so students can deliver mail to each other which they find quite exciting.

Another favorite is to put conversation hearts in different types of liquids (vinegar, oil, water, salt water etc.) and see which will dissolve first. We always ask kids to make a prediction and ask them why they think that. Although they don’t necessarily know why, it is great practice for them to be able to voice their opinion. This is a fun experiment to check back on every 10 or so minutes to see how the candies are progressing.

An older kid favorite is free art with stickers, heart cut outs, paper, scissors, glue sticks, ribbon etc. If kids are at the writing stage, a list of Valentine type words can be provided for copying or an adult can write messages for them.

This theme can cover all subjects and doesn’t have to be extravagant, but also provides for many opportunities to celebrate the important meaning behind the holiday. We hope that you enjoy this time with your children as much as we do!