Happy Mother’s Day! We are looking forward to our Mother’s Day Tea where we take a moment in time to honor Mothers, as well as all the people who have an influence on the growth and care of your children.

My mother always said that the hardest job you will have and the one you might be least prepared for is that of being a Mother. Even though you may feel overwhelmed as the parent of an infant or preschooler, I will tell you that the job never really feels done even when they are grown and gone. But on a good note the rewarding times continue as well.

I really want to take a moment to honor working Mothers and the impact you make on the world in so many ways. Not only do you provide a nurturing environment for your children, but you help them to build the confidence to go out and face the world.

Sometimes it seems easy to buckle under the pressures of responsibilities and time in this busy world we live in, but as mothers we all know that our job is to grow “tough kids” with a strong set of values and a resilient self-esteem so that their path in this world is just a little bit easier. I honor that strength in all of you.

So hang in there you wonderful Moms and lean on others around you when the going gets tough. Every tough parenting decision you make today pays multiple dividends in the years to come.