Here we are again. That time of year where everyone is talking about New Year’s Resolutions. But for me it isn’t the resolutions that are important, but rather the intention connected to the resolution. Resolutions remind me of that list you make every day only to find that you never finish it. So this year instead of making that list of resolutions knowing that it is only a matter of time before I won’t complete them, I am going to concentrate on the intentions for my life.

What is an intention? An intention is the thought process that leads you to your best behavior at any moment. Rather than making a resolution to lose weight, I will start every day with the intention to create a healthy body through my eating. 

As a business person my best intention is to wake up each day and choose three things that I can do to improve my business. A new day, a new intention. No failure, only a setting of the mind to have your very best day. No matter what happens, I will set the intention in my mind again the next day.

As a parent you can set intentions to pay more attention to one aspect of your parenting. Just one. Today. Not a resolution to always be patient, never lose your temper, etc. just the intention to notice your behavior in one aspect of your parenting, today.

The setting of daily intentions certainly helps you have a more positive mindset for the day, and if done daily will multiply in so many ways in your life.

I think that setting long term intentions regarding our children can actually help us be more consistent in our parenting. We all know how tenacious our children are and how they can wear us down through their ability to beg us for something for so long that we finally give up. But if our intention is to create a strong character in our child, this intention can win the war and help us to be tough when necessary so our children can grow through life’s tough lessons.

Steven Covey, in his book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families, talks about having a flight plan.  Setting your daily intention is like having a flight plan. In this way we can stay on course and weather the small battles that might keep us from parenting our children to their greatest growth.

Having parenting intentions, or a flight plan, can help us remember that the future skills our children possess are far more important than creating a momentary feeling of good.

Have fun setting intentions that always lead us to better more mindful daily behavior. I hope you use it in your parenting and I hope you enjoy the positive results.